Kapu Forest

Kapu Forest reconnects children with nature by bringing the forest to smartphones.

Kapu Toys releases ”Kapu Forest” for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices. It’s a colorful and fun digital toy for kids aged 1-4+.

Helsinki, Finland - Press release

Kapu Toys’ debut release, Kapu Forest, presents the wonders and discoveries of a northern forest to kids all over the world. In Kapu Forest, kids can explore nature and carry out mini-tasks with various different forest animals. From feeding berries to the hungry fox, to directing the lost mole home and helping the rabbit harvest its carrots, each mini-toy promotes fun play, use of cognitive skills and altruistic behavior. At the same time, the toy reconnects kids to nature by acting as an inspiration to continue the play in real nature.

Kapu Forest is also dedicated to bring generations together with a style and characters everyone loves – the original artwork is inspired by the 1950’s children books and the works of the legendary illustrators such as Mr. Alain Grée. The exclusively composed score follows the ethereal and drifting mood of the 1960's Cool jazz movement.

Kapu Toys aims to support kids in taking their first digital steps in a safe environment by avoiding rising levels, time limits and high scores.

Kapu ForestKapu ForestKapu Forest


  • 10+ mini-toys and animals to play with
  • High quality graphics, playful sounds and colorful animations
  • Exclusively composed Jazz score
  • Child-friendly interface
  • Intuitive controls for kids regardless of the age
  • Control playtime with parental controls
  • No rising difficulty levels, no rules, always fun
  • No in-app sales or third party advertising
  • Available in English, Spanish, Russian, German & Finnish

There’s no timers, limits nor high scores. Kids have complete control and can explore whichever toy they want to, whenever. They’ll never be stuck on a level and will always have fun!

“The main aim for the Kapu Forest is of course to entertain the kids, but we also want them to get excited about nature and be the instrument that creates the urge for them to go outside and discover the real adventures in the forests.”
–Tuomas Vanamo, Founder of Kapu Toys

Kapu Forest is completely free from in app purchases and third party advertising; parents can let their kids play without needing to worry about additional costs or disturbing ads.


"Here's a rarity: a beautiful-looking app for kids."
The Guardian

“We should all be excited about what these guys produce next, because for a debut app, this is pretty fantastic stuff"
It’s Nice That

“Kapu is the kind of game that won’t have you fretting about what your children are learning or doing while you cook dinner.”

“If you’re looking for a beautiful-looking app suitable for kids (and you too) which will help your kid learn about forests and develop their skills, look no further.”
Bag of Games

“It is beautifully created and a lot of app developers out there should take notes.”
Lillie’s Pad


Kapu Forest is available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and for Android.


Tuomas Vanamo

+358 (0) 40 741 5720

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Kapu Toys Manifesto

Kapu Toys is the digital toy box filled with smiles! We believe in fun play and clever apps that spark the imagination, inspire families to play together and let kids learn along the way! Inspired by vintage aesthetics, we create digital toys for the tiny ones.

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