All six games in one box!


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Kapu Forest

Reconnects children with nature by bringing the forest to smartphones. Discover the Kapu Forest and meet all the animals through one of more than 10 minitoys available.


Kapu Blocks

Have you ever launched a hamburger to space? Or lived in a totem pole-barn-castle? If not, now your children can do it!


Kapu Fishing

Catch funny fish and surprising sea-creatures, cruise with your motorboat, build your own lures, tickle and feed your fox friend and much more!


Kapu Tickle Toy Camera

is a super fun toy, which combines classic kids games and toys such as peekaboo, tickle tag and the jumping-jack puppet with modern technology!


Kapu Bloom Tunes

Let your kid paint the world with melodies! Kapu Bloom Tunes not only combines the two of the most awesome pastimes, creating music and painting, but also teaches the small users basics of how melodies and tunes are crafted in a fun and surprising way.


Kapu Planet

Kapu Planet expands the world of classic Kapu Forest and reveals the secrets of the globe! Go explore the environment in all of the seven continents and all those amazing animals that live there!